Water Treatment Solutions


A Product which has revolutionized that way water treated and used in Agriculture, Industries and Domestic. This helps in getting reed of ard water problems. Aqua Scaleremover is a compact, state of the art, computerized programmed system that is installed on the water line of the house or water Circulation cycle of cooling tower. This innovative product produces digital signals of Oscillating electronics Field using a unique and Complex Modulating Frequency that charges that water modules and there by changing the Physical Properties of water, THis proceess ensure Calcium and Magnesium (Which is Responsible for Scale) are in Suspended state in the water there by losing its adhesive properties resulting in no scale Information. These Highly Ionized Modules When Come in contact with hard deposited Scales, they ionize the molecules of the scales resulting in weakening on their bonding. The deposited scales get dissolved in water and get washed away.


AQUA SCALEREMOVER is an electronic descaler that is applied externally to the pipe work or water treatment installation. Treatment is applied by attaching a Coil Console on the inlet or outlet of the pipe line. Coil console contains signal cables and micro chips. Coil Console is attached to a Frequency Generator which produces square waves alternating at 8000 to 120000 cycles per seconds.
These complex Modulated signal field at variable frequency induces electrical field in the hard water ions and increases their solubility, resulting in water being soft. The electrical field generated around the water field, ionize Sodium, calcium and other molecules present in the water. These highly ionized molecules when come in contact with the hard deposited scales, they ionize the molecules of the scales resulting in weakening on their bonding and finally deposited scales get dissolved in the water and washed away. Thus AQUA SCALEREMOVER acts as Anti scaling as well as De scaling machine.

The Cost Of Scale Build-up

Percentage increase in fuel costs due to scale build-up in average water system:
Eco Friendly, Negligible Consumption, Easy to install, Chemical Free

Industries Where Aqua Scaleremover is used

  • ETP Units
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Oil Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Paper Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • heat Exchangeers
  • Forging and Dye Casting Plants
  • Hotels and Hospitals
  • HVAC and Chilling Plants
  • Swimming Pool
  • Agriculture /Farms
  • Textiles
  • Distilleries

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